AP1000 Aluminum Processor


Our Aluminum Processor is a multipurpose machine that can process:

  • aluminum car wheels
  • aluminum car wheels with tires still on them
  • aluminum extrusions
  • cast aluminum
  • car tires


The purpose of this machine is to shear and crush materials into small pieces in order to reduce bulk and storage hence decreasing transportation costs.  In processing aluminum car wheels with tires still on them, the tires are also cut up into smaller pieces which can go direct to landfill which reduces cost.  As for extrusions, the shearer chops them into approximately 8” pieces once again reducing handling costs.  The same is true for cast aluminum.  A Gaylord box that used to only be able to hold 500 lbs of material will now hold 1500 lbs since the size of the material has been reduced.  Also in all the above processes, the material flows over a magnetic separator thus cleaning up your material.  It simply chops car tires into smaller pieces with can go directly to the landfill no longer having to be special handled, as is the common practice today.

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